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Our deep rooted patterns

A teachers supervision and enquiry workshop with Helen Stephenson

Date: D. 22 november kl. 9.30 – 16.30
Price: kr. 950,-
Venue: Nordic Dharma, Lundbyesgade 6 1771 Kbh
The workshop are preferably for mindfulness teachers.




Self awareness as the basis from which to engage with our participants

In our work one of the basic ingredients is an attitude of acceptance, support and love towards the people we work with. To create the context for our participants to share their experience, I work with two core principles:

  1. Behind our views, opinions and judgement, behind the behaviour we show to the world, we all are in our essence good.
  2. Our deepest held beliefs, often not consciously known to us, create the way we think and feel about us, others, the world we are finding us in. These convictions influence our behaviour and restrict our freedom of choice. Developing awareness by working on the edge of where the known meets the unknown, we will enhance our freedom to live a life of greater meaning. 

In order to allow an open and accepting and curious approach we need to know ourselves intimately and be brave enough to move into what is not yet known, but can be felt and experienced. By opening up towards what we reject or think to be bad such as vulnerability, anger, sadness, fear and by accepting them in us, we engage and trust the process that will  helps us to accept them in others.

Based on our own self knowledge we are able to meet our participants in an accepting and curios way and are confident to trust the process that is unfolding. The reality of this moment in the here and now is the only moment where insight can happen; it won’t happen yesterday or tomorrow. Your open and supportive presence as a mindfulness teacher helps the participant to open to the experience that needs to experienced so that difficult thought and feelings can be recognized, understood and integrated.

In the first half of the day, we will explore our own “inner map”, in the second half we will practice Enquiry skills.

My work is influenced by the teachings of my  yoga teacher Sri S. Rajagopalan, whose patience and unconditional love for all of his students is a deep source of comfort for me. The work of the late Ron Kurtz (founder of Hakomi bodycentred therapy), the late Al Bauman (student of Wilhelm Reich) and his student the late Michael Smith have taught me the body centered way of working with individuals. Without the teachings of the Senior teachers in the Vipassana tradition I would not have survived the times of chaos and upset during my student years.

More about Helen Stephenson, please visit her website


More teachings with Helen in 2019

Thursday 21 of November: A free talk 

21/11 kl. 19-20.30: On thursday evening Helen will give a Get-Together-Talk at Nordic Dharma. The talk is for free, but you can give dana. Please book your seat through the TILMELDING button

Weekend 23-24 of November: Two yoga days

22-23/11 kl. 9.30-16.30: Yoga retreat Opening to Life. (I will put up a event with more words about the yoga teachings soon) You can book the days individually or as one. The price will be kr. 1500,- for two days and kr. 850,- for one day only. Please book your seat through the TILMELDING button

Any questions? Please write me