Denne begivenhed sluttede den 21 november 2019

Evening get-together talk.

Opening to life. A talk by Helen Stephenson (UK)

Date: D. 21 november
Time: 17.30-19.00
Price: Dana-based (to Helen / venue)
Venue: Nordic Dharma, Lundbyesgade 6, 1771 Kbh V (If too many signups, we will find another venue)


The specifik headline for this evening talk by Helen, is yet to be discoverd, but I can promise it will be of higt interest to you, if you are passionate about your life.

Last november, when my dear friend Helen Stephenson last time visited Nordic Dharma, we sat together long evenings talking about how our mindfulness practice can support us in working with old emotional patterns – shown as suffering in our bodies (from childhood to trauma… emotional difficulties). All exited we planed that to be the overall theme of our OPENING TO LIFE 2019.

OPENING TO LIFE 2019 will be 4 days in november. You can join it all, or just pick what you would like. We have sceduled this evening get-together-talk, a teachers workshop and a 2-day yoga retreat for everybody.

This evening get-together talk will start with a 20 min sit, then the talk and we will end with some questions and answers. Please join us and please sign up to let me know!

”Love yourself and watch — today, tomorrow, always.” – Gautama Buddha, The Dhammapada

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